Month: March 2020

Food Cupboard needs replenishing

Because of the Corona virus, safe social distancing has made it more difficult for some of our church family to shop or work. We had made the excess food from the food cupboard available for our congregation to shop at church from the supply which had been designated for New Song Women. Now that the supply is already distributed, our ABC food cupboard needs to be replenished. We want to be able to continue helping our folks who aren’t working or prefer not to mingle with other shoppers in the stores. If you have any excess food, cleaning supplies, TP, or toiletries please bring them to church MONDAYS OR TUESDAYS BETWEEN 8AM AND 2 PM when June is working. Drop them in the blue basket in the entry inside the church.
Safe social distancing is supposed to last until the end of April. We are sure that there will be needs among us, since most of us do not stock up our personal supplies to last a month. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR WILLING SPIRIT TO GIVE. KEEP SAFE AND WELL. We’ll see you when this is over.

Pat Storms

Arrived U.S.

Blessed.  John and I arrived about an hour ago to LAX where we wait for our flight to Phoenix. Maria will be picking us up. Both Amsterdam and LAX airports are basically empty…. So the safest time to fly! Our flight from Amsterdam at 53 people . Lots of sleep room.  John and Mary

I will praise you as long as I live, and in Your name I will lift up my hands.
—Psalm 63:4

From Amsterdam

Blessed w Amsterdam airport at 20% capacity. Over 30 hr trip home…little sleep.

I will be glad and rejoice in Your mercy, for You have considered my trouble…
— Psalm 31:7a

Travel Plans, part 2

Mary and I are catching one of the last international flights out of Tanzania Saturday. Please pray that all goes well as we travel through Amsterdam to LA to Phoenix. We should be arriving Sunday night.

Psalm 57 was in my devotions this morning. Perfect for this time we are all going through!

Have mercy on me my God, have mercy on me. For in you I take refuge. I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster has passed.
― Psalm 57:1

We will let you know when we have arrived safely home and begin our two weeks of quarantine.

In Jesus’ Love,

Pastor John

Travel Plans, part 1

If all goes well Mary and I should be landing in Phoenix this Sunday at 3:45 in the afternoon followed by 2 weeks of home quarantine. Please pray for our protection as we will be traveling through Europe.

Hope you are all doing well!

John and Mary


Greetings to you all in our wonderful Lord Jesus.

We are safe and well here in Tanzania. We’ve been working hard on getting the right flight back to the US, possibly this weekend. We will be in two week quarantine when we return so no visitors please.

We know things are very difficult for you all right now and of course we our praying for God’s leading and direction and thankful for His constant care and presence through this time.

I’ve been reading many wonderful messages from different Christian leaders including our own pastor Jeff who sent a great one this week.

Here are a few thoughts:

We do not need to fear. it’s time to live out the words we sing to the Lord on Sunday mornings. “In the eye of the storm You remain in control!” As believers in Jesus we will have opportunities to share our trust in the Lord with those around us as a witness. This is a great opportunity!

Many people are sharing wonderful verses from scripture. This is a time to be in the word of God as you will hear his comfort and care and wisdom and direction. I recommend time in the Psalms.

The church needs to be the body of Christ during this time in seeing how the Lord would help us care for one another and meet needs as He directs.

This is a time to go deeper in prayer. Pray not only for your own needs but for our world as we walk through this, for the poor and hurting, for nations most affected by this, and for opportunities for the gospel of Jesus.

Our first call is to love God and others. This is what ABC does so well as we let Christ live his life through us by his Holy Spirit. A theme the Lord gave our elders at the beginning of the year was “Unbound”. This is a time to let your light shine!

We miss you all very much! Pray for our safe return to you. Greet one another with a holy elbow bump!

In Jesus Hands,

Pastor John and Mary