Back to Church!

We want to do all we can to keep ABC a healthy and safe place. We realize that coming back to church is for many a difficult and personal decision.  We respect and honor your decisions while implementing policies to keep everyone safe.

Please be considerate of others.  Do not assume others want a handshake or hug.  Honor those who decide to socially distance, wear gloves and/or masks.

  • Messages will continue to be posted online for those staying at home.
  • Please do not come to church if you are sick, have virus symptoms, have recent contact with a sick person, or are in an ‘at risk’ health category.
  • Each Saturday, after the Ahava service, all chairs and common surfaces are disinfected.
  • Chair spacing has been implemented to provide adequate spacing.
  • Bulletins will be on the table as you enter for you to pick up. 
  • Gloves, masks and hand disinfectant are at the front door and other stations in the sanctuary for your use.
  • An offering plate will not be passed.  Offering boxes are available in the fellowship area and by the front door
  • When we have communion there will be tables up front so you can come up and receive the elements there.

As we are able we will begin to slowly lift these restrictions.  Let us all seek the Lord for wisdom and the call to love one another during this difficult time.

Offering will continue to be received through online giving, by mail (2601 Iron Springs Road, Prescott, AZ 86305), or drop off your tithe in the box by the front door Monday or Tuesday between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. (They will
be counted the following Sunday.)

Special thanks to all of you that have been so faithful to give to ABC during this difficult time!

Good News TV Summer Fun!

Boys and girls always look forward to summer fun, so make sure they don’t miss out on Good News TV Summer Fun! Packed with action songs, surprises and games, memory verses, and Bible lessons.

1 ~ God’s Way is the Only Way!

Video Chapters:
0:00 – Intro
0:24 – Word Up
1:11 – One Way Song
3:20 – What is Prayer?
4:30 – Memory Verse
10:04 – John 14:6 Song
11:48 – Bible Lesson
22:13 – Seven Most Important Things Song
24:02 – Missionary Story
32:29 – Outro

Lesson 2 ~ Have Faith!

Video Chapters:
0:00 – Intro
0:30 – Scramble Activity
1:05 – Word Up
2:03 – Jesus Love Me/Amazing Grace Song
4:20 – Scramble Activity
4:28 – Memory Verse
9:38 – In Him We Have Redemption Song
10:44 – Scramble Activity
10:53 – Bible Lesson
22:14 – One Way Song
24:23 – Scramble Activity
24:29 – Missionary Story
34:00 – Outro

Lesson 3 ~ God is Merciful!

Video Chapters:
0:00 – Intro
0:41 – Word Up!
1:11 – Jesus Love Me/Amazing Grace Song
3:30 – Paper Airplane Activity
3:48 – Memory Verse
9:07 – Christ Also Suffered Song
10:28 – Paper Airplane Activity
10:48 – Bible Lesson
22:58 – One Way Song
25:07 – Paper Airplane Activity
25:29 – Missionary Story
35:16 – Paper Airplane Activity
35:54 – Outro

Lesson 4 ~ Jesus Gives Hope!

Video Chapters:
0:00 – Intro
0:43 – Word Up
1:25 – One Way
3:45 – Bible Lesson
15:14 – 7 Most Important Things
17:13 – Memory Verse
22:31 – Life in His Name Song
24:11 – Missionary Story
33:44 – Outro

Lesson 5 ~ God Can Forgive!

Video Chapters:
0:00 – Intro
0:20 – Word Up
1:16 – Bigger Picture Activity
1:27 – Prayer
3:16 – One Way (Song)
5:24 – Bigger Picture Activity
5:36 – Bible Lesson
17:38 – Jesus Loves Me / Amazing Grace (Song)
19:56 – Bigger Picture Activity
20:07 – Memory Verse
23:55 – Everlasting Love (Song)
25:24 – Missionary Story
34:21 – Bigger Picture Activity
34:32 – Outro

COVID-19 Resources – Child Evangelism Fellowship

Dear Families and Ministry Partners,

We are so excited to share a wonderful, free COVID-19 online resource page that CEF headquarters just created for us! This easy-to-read web-page will link you directly to the following resources for your church and Good News Club students, offering…

  • “Do you wonder why?” free download booklet and GREAT video!
  • “Stuck at Home Devotional” – free 30-day devotional
  • “Good News TV” – online Good News Club posted weekly for the next 10 weeks
  • “U-Nite” YouTube channel with additional videos

Also available, please read the CEF Press Release, sharing about the Free children’s church videos for churches to use when streaming services…
FREE Children’s Church Videos for Churches to Use When Streaming Services

We are so grateful for these free resources that answer the Why” questions and offer the Hope we have in Jesus Christ!

Please know that our staff is specifically praying for each of you, your families and the community that you reach.  Please continue to stay in contact with me and share your questions, testimonies, and suggestions.

Mara Byrd 
Local Director
Child Evangelism Fellowship Of Arizona
Yavapai County Chapter
PO BOX 10081
Prescott, AZ 86304
320-224-9249 cell

Coming Together at ABC, Part 2

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Jesus,

Hopefully you’ve read my previous email by now.  Just a couple more thoughts:

  • For Sunday Worship I meant to add a time of prayer after the offering.  We will try to get a prayer list to you, possibly online as well or by email, See previous post for a prayer list reflecting the needs of our church family.  Share each other’s needs as well and spend some time in prayer together.  Let us know if you have prayer needs you want shared this Sunday.
  • Let us know how it went!  Who was at your home for worship?  What was meaningful and helpful?  How could we do it better next time?
  • We are looking into ways for other groups to ‘meet’.  Nathan is using Facebook with the Saturday evening “Unbound” group.  Check in with Nathan to connect.

There are other ways for group gatherings like prayer meeting and Bible study to connect virtually.  Stay tuned!

Trust God for great things!  These are opportunities for the gospel!  Let your fears, cares, and worries run into the arms of Jesus!  Someone said, “We are never alone from the Lord.  We’ve been stripped away from the norm so our hearts can become in tune with Him.”

Remember Jesus’ words to Martha – “Only one thing is needed”!  That ‘One Thing’ focus on Jesus.  Let’s do that by loving and serving the Lord together in new and creative ways as He leads HIS Church that He LOVES – Alliance Bible Church.

Challenging and Exciting times!  Let’s trust the Lord together.

Much Love in Christ our Lord,

Pastor John
Alliance Bible Church

Coming Together at ABC, Part I

Warm greetings in the Lord Jesus to all the Saints at ABC!!

Mary and I are thanking God for a wonderful and fruitful trip to Africa as well as a safe trip home.  Thanks to all of you who prayed and supported us!  We are on day three of our two week quarantine.

After prayer and talking with other pastors and our District leadership we are making the decision to have all of our meetings virtually at ABC for now.  We will not be meeting physically at the church building.  Thankfully, the Church of our Lord is not the building but the Body of Christ!

There are many reasons for this decision.  As of yesterday our Governor has issued a stay at home order to protect citizens from the spread of Covid-19.  Titus 3:1 comes to mind for us:

Remind them to be subject to rulers and authorities, to obey, to be ready for every good work
— Titus 3:1

At ABC we love to love people!  We love to gather together!  We love to Worship the Lord!  We love to greet each other with holy handshakes and hugs!  But in every situation we have to ask,
“What does love look like?”  The most loving thing we can do in THIS situation is to do all we can to keep everyone safe.

The Covid-19 virus is now in every county in Arizona.  Yesterday there were 132 new cases and four people died.  There were over 1000 new cases today.  17 residents in our area have now tested positive.

So, are we still “getting together” for Sunday Worship, prayer, and Bible Study?  Absolutely!
Let me explain…

This Sunday, April 5th I want everyone to ‘gather together’ at our regular time of 10:30 a.m. in your homes for our ABC worship service!

Open with a word of prayer

Greet one another!  Ask how your week has been.  Share a bit.

Worship together.  Play a few of your favorite worship songs.  Try this one if you like: “Great is Thy Faithfulness”  with added verses – Youtube is a great place to pic a few favorites.  Be creative!  Play a favorite from your phone or just sing a chorus you know and love!

Give your Tithes and Offerings. Our C&MA President John Stumbo said, “All of us are called to return our tithes and offerings to the Lord regardless of a fluctuating economy.”  This is a time to show your dependence and trust in the Lord by continuing to give God the first fruits of your income.  You can give in three ways:

  1. Online at our ABC website secure giving tab:
  2. Mail in your tithe to ABC – 2601 W. Iron Springs Rd, Prescott AZ  86314
  3. Drop off your tithe in the box by the front door Monday or Tuesday between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Listen to the Sunday message online.  Go to our website, .  Our goal is to have a message that Dave Parker has prepared online for you to view!  Use your phone, tablet or computer to hear God’s Word to us through Dave this Sunday.

Share Together.  This is a unique opportunity to ‘debrief’ the message.  Share what God is saying to you personally.

Close in Prayer

That’s it!  We’ve just done “Worship Together” at ABC!

Pastor John Perry
Alliance Bible Church