COVID-19 Resources – Child Evangelism Fellowship

Dear Families and Ministry Partners,

We are so excited to share a wonderful, free COVID-19 online resource page that CEF headquarters just created for us! This easy-to-read web-page will link you directly to the following resources for your church and Good News Club students, offering…

  • “Do you wonder why?” free download booklet and GREAT video!
  • “Stuck at Home Devotional” – free 30-day devotional
  • “Good News TV” – online Good News Club posted weekly for the next 10 weeks
  • “U-Nite” YouTube channel with additional videos

Also available, please read the CEF Press Release, sharing about the Free children’s church videos for churches to use when streaming services…
FREE Children’s Church Videos for Churches to Use When Streaming Services

We are so grateful for these free resources that answer the Why” questions and offer the Hope we have in Jesus Christ!

Please know that our staff is specifically praying for each of you, your families and the community that you reach.  Please continue to stay in contact with me and share your questions, testimonies, and suggestions.

Mara Byrd 
Local Director
Child Evangelism Fellowship Of Arizona
Yavapai County Chapter
PO BOX 10081
Prescott, AZ 86304
320-224-9249 cell